Flag Banners, Promotional flags with different shapes and sizes

Flags form important source of Advertising during trade shows and exhibitions. Significance of these flags are numerous such as brand creation, safety Flag displays, making the environment look more presentable and professional at the company Location etc. These flags come in variety of shapes and sizes such as Teardrop flags, Feather flags, Rectangle series as well as the banner series flags.

Custom Printed Flag Banners For Your Outdoor Promotion

Different occasions during which these flags can be used are opening ceremonies, special events, Car racing tracks, Automobile exhibitions and conferences etc. All these flags can be customized. These flags are pole and spike type. Material used for making of these hardware featuring carbon-fiber poles that are break and bend resistant, a strong heavy duty weld to prevent breaks at the base, and a larger top knob that won't poke through the fabric is of very good quality and work for years together. Cross base of the Flags help to a very greater extent to hold the ground firmly at uneven surfaces and on concrete surfaces. Additional protection is provided to these Flags by Filling the base with sand or water and they never fly in air because of strong winds. They are visible even from far off distances. Quality of prints on these flags is brilliant which never fade for years together in the hot sun. Altogether a different aura is created at the company location with the help of these flags installed at short distances. Travelling bag is provided for this flag to be carried to different locations during exhibitions. These flags come with a warranty period of one year. being light in weight they can accompany you in flights to various exhibition locales saving dedicated time, costs and energy to transport these to exhibition sites.