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Scrolling Banner Stands: Moving Messages

For sheer exposure and credibility, your business needs the scrolling banner stand from Display Solution as a way to differentiate yourself form the crowd. Everybody at the trade show or on the showroom floor has a banner stand these days. The best way to stand from the mob is to have your very own scrolling message across a massive 160” of image space. The scrolling banner stand takes the concept of a banner stand and flips it, again and again and again. The images actually scroll around so that you’re never seeing the same graphic twice. Your company will exponentially increase your exposure with this incredible device. The best part that there’s hardly any more set up required than your standard banner stand. Find out why this should be your first choice in banner stands.

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Scrolling Banners: How It Works

  • Graphics printed on a high-quality fabric material designed to last. Each piece of fabric we use is tear-proof, waterproof and created from eco-friendly materials. This is a vivid and glare-free way to display your chosen graphics.
  • Full-length sized images. Your image display when not scrolling is a massive 78” display. The print size is a massive 160” in height so you choose two, full-size images to display.
  • Solid aluminum frame. The full image rolls out from the aluminum frame and gives you a solid base by which to display your graphics wherever you may be.
  • Carrying case included. The soft shoulder straps make this a breeze to transport to your display space. Whether that is the mall, the office, the school, the showroom or the trade show, all your components are in the one case, ready to go.
  • Easy Assembly. From the single case, the banner sets up in seconds and is ready to start drawing in the crowds.

Scrolling Banners: An Evergreen Solution

Given that this high-end product is a superior way to bring in the crowds, it’s perfectly suited for the corporate presentation scenarios, professional pitches or wholesale trade shows. It is a perfect product to get your message across just about anywhere, however. The scrolling banner stand is a perfect fit for the company that desires to get the attention everyone else is clamouring for. If you think your business needs a way to rise above the rest, click through today to purchase one of these premium stands right now. Our team is standing by to answer all your questions, so don’t delay any longer.