Hanging Display Signs : A Cut Above The Rest

Exhibit excellence and display distinction with a hanging display sign that advertises and alerts everyone to your presence. Nothing better protects your reputation than a professional and elegant designed product that gets noticed, no matter where you go. The hanging display signs are the perfect way to achieve the best of both worlds. You get a product that gives you a massive and impossible to miss the display of your message. It displays just who you are across the entire floor as it suspends from the ceiling overhead. It also looks incredibly superior when contrasted with all the other mediocre signs on the ground other competitors try to use. Don’t sink down to their level, trying to compete with yet another sign on an already overcrowded field. Get your message up in the air with our wide range of hanging display signs. Display Solution has yet again provided you with an innovative way to display your brand and looks great doing it.

Hanging Banner Signs: The Models

Our hanging signs are designed to be innovative and distinct. If you’re trying to distinguish yourself from an overpopulated field, you need something that looks and feels different to anything else out there. It’s not about shouting louder, standing straighter or being brighter. It’s about doing something different that doesn’t plead for attention; it demands it. Our hanging signs come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit the unique solution of suspending your sign above your head. Here are just a few of the models we offer.

  • Circle Available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ widths for an absolutely enormous display.
  • Square A unique take on the suspended sign.
  • Triangle Creates a flat surface viewable from any angle you approach it from.
  • Tapered Circle This elegant design is another step away from the conventional and the boring.
  • Tapered Square This is a funky quirky look that best suits a brand that is young and hip.
  • Tapered Triangle Again, a different perspective on the standard flat surface hanging sign.
  • Curved Square Draws the eye in a way that a normal hanging sign couldn’t.
  • Curved Triangle A different geometric way to display a brand.
  • Pinwheel Shaped Allowing 360 degrees of display in a fun, engaging way.
  • Football Shaped Two flat surfaces forming a curved shape that pops out at the beholder.

Hanging Signs: The Specs

Our hanging signs are ready to suit whatever your brand’s image is. You need to portray your business in a certain way that matches who you are. If your company is a brand new tech start-up, you need a funky design that suits your audience. If your company is generations old, you need a reserved way to still display something that comes across as modern and sophisticated. By selecting the all-important perfect hanging sign, you’re instantly portraying an aspect of your business quickly and conveniently. So you can now achieve the balance of getting an instant recognition of what your business is all about, even from all the way across the room. You also get a high-class and quality way to display your brand that is unique from everyone else. What is it that makes the hanging sign unique?

  • Custom graphics printed on a tension fabric display. This gives your image a high-resolution graphic display that can be easily recognized from across a crowded show- room floor. It’s important that you select a high-resolution sign that can be easily understood, and you can do just that with our unique printing method. The fabric is designed to be incredibly resilient by being tear-proof, waterproof and fade-resistant.
  • Environmentally friendly products. All our inks and materials are designed with the environment in mind. Display Solution wants to reduce our footprint and so we offer only the most eco-friendly solutions in our hanging signs.
  • Sturdy and Secure. If you’re hanging a sign above your heads and the heads of your clients, you need to be confident in the abilities it has to be secure. The frame is constructed right here in Canada out of an extruded aluminum that is lightweight, but strong enough to bear the graphic image. All the items included, from the eye hook, the hook loop lock, the cable and the screws are all created to be durable far exceeding regulations. This simply means that when you put it up, it stays up until you’re ready for it to come down.
  • Convenient. Because of the immense size of some of our hanging signs, you might be tempted to think that it comes with a manual for assembly and hours required to set up. In fact, the entire hanging sign comes with a carrying case that houses all the individual parts, components and tools needed. In the one simple nylon case, you have everything from the frame, to the image to the tools and parts needed. So simple and convenient, it will shock even you with how well it packs away.

Hanging Banner Signs: Get on Top of the Competition

The hanging banner sign is deceptively simple as a way to quickly get your message up and out to a packed field of competitors. The frame has a unique design that collapses on itself. This not only serves to pack away easily when not in use, but provides you with a way to set up without requiring extra tools or specialised or proprietary equipment. The tension-fabric is already mounted on the frame. When you assemble the frame, the image is ready to go. All the tools are included in the package you select so you have the tightened, the screws, the hooks, the chains and the cables for a secure and safe mounting procedure. There’s no need to bring your own tools as everything you need fits into the carrying case provided.

Once assembled and in place, you can even choose to activate a motorized spinning option as an added feature to certain models. This takes the hanging sign and goes on step further to drawing the eyes away from anybody else and on to your company. The motor slowly revolves the sign so that even in a still room, the sign is active draws attention. If you think your business can take the next step in displays, consider the hanging sign as an investment that will dividends the very first time you set it up. You’ll show yourself to be a company with credibility and authority and instantly create an esteem that could take other companies years to build. This instant distinction will lead to more eyes on your site, more customers in your booth and more sales in your pocket. Call right now to contact our helpful staff to discuss which of these hanging signs will work for you. Don’t delay in elevating your business above it all.