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Make your Stall the Center of Attention with Tapered Circle Hanging Banner

Tapered Circle Hanging Banner is also known as non retractable graphics, Tapered Circle Hanging Banner look magnificent in any trade show or convention. Hang them from the ceiling over your booth or displays and people will come from all corners of that hall to gather at your stall. The tapered design is 10' Width and 42" Height.

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Tapered Circle Hanging Banner for Your Brand Promotion

These are perfect if you want to make a long lasting impression on the crowd gathered at that convention and make your competitors' stalls pale in evaluation. However, we always advise our clients to keep their brand message as brief as possible to ensure maximum exposure. You will have plenty of time to inform visitors; just let the banner reel them in first with a few lines along with your brand logo. In this case, smaller is always better. We will make you confident that the design and wording are displayed with full effect on the banner. The banners are fitted with hooks that can be used to hang the banner from the ceiling and you can accumulate it easily with help from the snap aluminum poles.