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Make Your Event More Popular with Step and Repeat Banner Stand

Step and Repeat Banner stands are suitable for trade shows. Step and Repeat Banners are used as backdrops in sponsored events, red carpet events, exhibitions and such other events . The name of these banners is suitably step and repeat banners as the company logo, name, sports team name, movie name, or such important symbol is printed a number of times on the banner. Step and Repeat Banners are made fabric material these are mainly used as backdrop for events where a lot of photography is done. And you can get a complete customization on your Step and Repeat Banners in terms of the size, design and colors. We use best fabric material and all banners are graphically printed using high quality printers and ink. The banner stands are water resistant, so you can use the banners indoors as well as outdoors. You can design your own banners or let our professional team of designers design an efficiently designed banner for you. The installation of these banners is a very easy as a few minutes of work. Apart from all of these come with a 100% price and 100% quality guarantee.

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Step and Repeat Banner Stands: Beautiful Backdrops

If you need the perfect backdrop for your display or event, get the step and repeat banner to meet all your branding needs. This banner acts as the perfect, out of the way modular display for any event or display you have. It enhances the perception of your business, builds esteem in the minds of your clients and gives you a setting for success in all your marketing needs. The step and repeat banner stand puts out the message of your business in a way that is unobtrusive, but consistent. It subtly lets your customers know about your brand and your message without being overt and flashy. It also gives you a perfect setting for any product demonstrations, any filming or photo needs or just to act as a branded backdrop for your tradeshow. It may seem like a small part of your total package, but this step and repeat banner makes a big impact.

Step and Repeat Banners: What You Need to Know

  • Comes in range of sizes, all reaching a full 8’ in height, perfect for any filming or photo-shoots needed. Simply select the width that best suits your needs from 8’, 10’ or the premium 12’ wide model.
  • Comes with carrying case with everything you need for a complete setup in just minutes. Simply assemble the frame and attach the image with the included grommets for a tight, concise display. All parts are included in the carrying case and are designed to be easy and intuitive to assemble.
  • Perfect, high-resolution images for photos, filming or any other promotional material. The image and material used are of the highest quality, waterproof, tear-proof, weather-resistant and durable beyond what you would expect. Stands up to the rigors of continual use and display.
  • No tools required for setup. Sturdy aluminum frame and base designed to be up and ready in just 5 minutes.

Step and Repeat Banners: What Will You Use Yours For?

The step and repeat banner is an often overlooked, but necessary part of any expert and professional trade show display. It provides the final touch to a presentation to give your business the sleek and expert look. It can even be used for weddings, job fairs, mall displays, trade show presentations, TV backdrops and other promotional tools for any event you may have. The only limit is where you want to place it next. Call now to get a step and repeat banner that works with your business. Our friendly and helpful support team is standing by to answer all you questions, so don’t delay.