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Display solution: Get the Quality Ipad Floor Stands and Tablet Stands for Easy Use.

Give your trade show display a digital upgrade by incorporating either of our two iPad display stands into your exhibit space. iPad stands allow you to interact with your customers on an intimate and more engaging level. The iPad Tablet Desk Stand is perfect for trade show and company events. It easily orientates to your favorite viewing angle, such as vertical or horizontal. The stand comes in a fashionable silver color and is easily cleaned and reusable. The iPad Floor Stand measures 24.6cm L x 19.2cm W and weighs 18 lbs. Made of high quality aluminum alloy, the stand looks professional, fashionable, and durable. Product is compatible with iPad 2/3/4/Air Model and includes USB cable, charger, adjustable viewing angles, and iPad lock. The stand features a built-in charging cable that runs the length of the interior of the pole to hide any cords.

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