Trade Show Portable Pop Up Displays: Look Good At A Great Price

Congratulations! You are one step closer to finding the trade show portable pop up displays that will revolutionize your booth. You need something that will lift you up from the crowds at the trade shows and will cause you to stand out from your neighbors and competitors. These pop-up booths are eye-catching, high-quality backdrops that reinforce the image that your business is worth taking a closer look at. All of our display booths come ready to assemble in hard shell cases with wheels for easy transport. No tools are required and no extra time is taken out of your precious day with complicated and convoluted systems. They are all easy to set-up, professionally styled and easy to take-down and store. These displays come in a huge variety of sizes and styles. No matter what size booth you have, you’re ready to put your best foot forward and look great doing it. Let us help you choose one of the following unique trade show displays.

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  1. Display Size : 96" Wide x 88.8" High
    CAD $1,550.00
  2. Display Size : 108" Wide x 91.2" High
    CAD $1,900.00
  3. Display Size : 120" Wide x 88.8" High
    CAD $1,900.00
  4. Display Size : 240" Wide x 89" High
    CAD $3,400.00
  5. Display Size : 240" Wide x 89" High
    CAD $3,400.00
  6. 232"w x 94"h x 85"d
    CAD $3,400.00
  7. Display Size : 97" Wide x 64" High
    CAD $1,050.00
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Full Size Backdrops: The Portable Pop up Displays

For your full-size booth, you need a full-size display. Your trade show experience will be complete with this portable pop-up booth backdrop which is easily assembled to form a professional display for your business or product. We can cater to all booth sizes, so if you have a smaller, constrained booth, we have a display to match. If you have a corner space you’re not sure what to do with, we can complete that look as well. Draw in the crowds with these show-stopping signs.

The 8’ Booth For All Your Display Needs

Make the most of your space by choosing an 8’ Pop-Up Booths that redefines how people perceive you. This professional look will draw eyes and feet into your booth so you can focus on driving your product or your business. Bringing clients into your space, no matter how small it is, with this life-size display.

  • Available in curved frame to draw in the eyes of your clients and customers
  • Straight frame for the neat, clean and professional look
  • 97”(l) x 26”(w) x 94”(h) when fully assembled and upright
  • Comes with 3 seamless center panels and two end panels for easy assembly
  • All panels are full-colour so you have an end-to-end display that fills your space and makes it seem larger.
  • Full-size graphics of your choice are printed on laminated PET film
  • No complex instructions. Assembled within minutes, no tools required
  • Magnetic channel bars for sturdy construction
  • Attachable LED lights to illuminate your message (optional)
  • Packs down in seconds and includes a hard storage case for easy transport on the floor.

The 10’ Booth To Suit Any Standard Booth

This is a classic and a customer favorite. Your standard trade show booth of 10’ x 10’ will convert your simple space to a dynamic display. It will also convert the passerby who doesn’t take a second look into the potential client wanting to know more. Look better than your neighbor with this popular choice of display.

  • Available in straight frame for the clean look, fully fitting a standard 10’ x 10’ trade show booth
  • Extruded aluminum for a sturdy frame construction
  • 21 Magnetic channel bars for locking and easy storage when complete
  • 4 center panels and two end cap panels to display a seamless high quality image of your choice.
  • Laminated PET film printed graphics for easy attachment to frame and wrinkle-free storage
  • 119”(w) x 36”(d) x 94”(h) when fully assembled, weighing only 92lbs. all up
  • Easily assembled in minutes and collapsible in seconds
  • Packs away into hard storage case, including wheels for maneuverability
  • For peace of mind, no extra tools are required for assembly or pack-up
  • High powered LED lights attach easily to frame for optional use

The 20’ Booth: Maximum Exposure, Maximum Effect

This is the show-stopper and the curtain-closer of trade-show booth displays. This extended frame creates a fluid backdrop that further enhances your image. It looks incredibly impressive, but requires no more set-up than your standard display booth, thus giving you more bang for your buck. The curved frame draws eyes in from all angles so you can maximize foot traffic no matter where your booth is located.

  • Available in straight-backed frame, creating a wall to display your high-quality images
  • Also available in a number of curved shapes such as Gulling, Serpentine and Serpentine with Straight
  • Using curved frames, you create dual zones in the same booth without requiring extra walls or furnishings.
  • Fills out the large space to make it more complete and professional while remaining minimal
  • Includes 9 central panels and 2 end cap panels to create your seamless image in full color, end to end
  • Easily stored in two hard cases on wheels for easy storage and transport.
  • 42 Magnetic channel bars for sturdy frame construction
  • Light-weight aluminum frame for easy assembly and disassembly
  • 232”(l) x 85”(d) x 94”(h) as fully displayed
  • Includes 4 LED lights to brighten your space and your image (optional)
  • Requires no extra tools or hardware to assemble

Suit Any Booth Size With Table Top Displays

Starting with a table top display, you can instantly transform what was once a simple space into an eye-grabbing booth. Clients are drawn to the high quality image, no matter what size backdrop you choose. Don’t assume your small space means a small gathering. Here’s what these curved and compact displays can do for you.

  • 6ft or 8ft spans to suit whatever space you have to work with
  • Can be displayed on anything from folding table to office desk
  • Extruded aluminum for lightweight frame
  • 71”(l) x 19”(w) x 64”(h) when fully assembled
  • Weighs only 45 pounds including case on wheels
  • Your high-quality image portrayed on a laminated PET film for maximum exposure
  • Full colour graphics printed across end caps for maximum effect
  • Collapses into easily stored hard case, including wheels for transport
  • Full-span image with no visible breaks or seams, end to end