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Get the Edge with a Retractable Roll up Banner Stands

You’ll see this banner stand in showrooms and trade shows all across the world, and it can now be yours. Your customers know that a great company will have a certain standard of marketing and display. When you choose a Retractable Roll up Banner Stands, you’re more than just advertising your product; you’re letting your market know that you’re a competitor that values their own business. You portray yourself as a brand to be noticed and respected. The banner stand is a simple roll-up style that adheres to the frame without any need for adhesives. This makes displaying high-quality imagery a snap, literally! The graphics actually just snap on to the frame as it snaps into place.The compact base stores everything you need ready to pull out and display at a moment’s notice, and of course, retracts back into the base simply and quickly when complete. Don’t get lost in the crowd of competitors out there; display yourself proudly with a brand new banner stand.

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Budget Stands: What You Should Know

This banner stand is perfect for the company that needs a quick display in a minute’s time. It puts your message right at eye level and calls in customers from off the street or around the area. If you’re setting up at a trade show, a mall kiosk, a school fair, a job presentation or anything else you can imagine, this is the perfect portable way to get your message across. This Banner Stands works with the business that sets up and packs down often. Don’t let your time, or lack of it, hold you back from making an impression on your crowd. Here’s some of the benefits and features of the range of roll up banner stands.

  • High-quality graphics. The banner stand’s image is a high-resolution graphic print with vivid colours and a dynamic display. Use the full range of the colour spectrum with this display. The SoFlat vinyl provides a water-proof, durable canvas to print upon. As a side benefit, all materials used in the inks and the vinyl are eco-friendly and are designed to last for years with a minimal footprint on the environment.
  • Sturdy frame. With two levelling and stabilising feet to support the height of this banner stand, it’s a good thing the base is a sturdy aluminum build that will safely store your retracted image while not in use. The base gives you a solid footing that can handle the foot traffic and rigors of whatever display space you have. The telescoping support pole keeps the backbone of your banner out of sight, and collapses down to pack away when no longer needed.
  • Life-size display. No matter the width you choose for your business, the banners all come at a towering 78” display height. The cross support keeps the graphics taut and is a simple piece to snap in. It stretches to full height in mere seconds and has over 6’ over display space for you to use. It’s a portable, packable billboard custom built for you.
  • Replaceable banners. The Retractable Roll up Banner Stands are designed to not just fit one image, but a range of images that you might need to display, depending on the venue or the market to which you’re displaying. Simply swap out the banner for a new one that doesn’t need to be permanently fastened to the frame. Have a collection of banner stands to suit the brand you wish to promote, and you’ll still be setting it up faster than your competitors.
  • Nylon shoulder strap included. To complete the entire package, you’ll be supplied with a nylon carrying case to transport your banner from showroom to site with ease. Simply unpack from the case, and that’s nearly half the installation complete. Tale one trip to set up and pack down, and save yourself the valuable storage space when not in use. This makes it a great tool to sit in the trunk of your car for when you need it most. Never get caught without your handy promotion banner stand again.

Budget Banner Stands: Affordable Excellence

Display Solution has a whole range of budget roll up banner stands on display for you to choose from. We know that a beautiful banner stand will cause your business to stand out. By choosing a budget banner stand, you’re choosing an economical way to get the message across that your company is professional, valuable, upfront and ready for business. It’s the little moves that make the big differences in marketing. So, if you’re serious about finding ways to make that move, click through to see our whole range of budget banner stands. Contact our friendly team who are waiting on you right now to give you the budget banner stand that will meet your unique needs.