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Tension Or Stretch Fabric Displays: Your Quick Set-up Choice

To get the maximum effect for your brand, you need a display that will wow and cause a second glance. You need your display bring clients into your space and impress them with your professional look. You can’t afford not to stand out in the crowd, because the trade show is full of your competitors all looking to compete for the same prize; the attention of the customer. In order to gain a competitive edge, an advantage in this game, use a trade show display that will astound your clients. Use a tension fabric display that not only looks fantastic and well-presented, but also gives you the professional appearance at a fraction of the cost. It also sets up in mere seconds so while your neighbor is still arranging panels and parts, your booth is up and you’re already mingling in the crowds. Check out our wide array of options.

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The 8’ Display: The Backdrop You Deserve

This product creates a near-instant backdrop for whatever space you have and gives you that expert look with minimal effort on your part. The whole frame is up in seconds and it seems you’ve only just arrived in the booth. This overwhelming look comes with an underwhelming installation. Keep looking at our options for this sized space.

  • Straight look for clean edges
  • Curved also available for a dynamic profile and look
  • Full size is 90” x 90”, assembled in mere minutes
  • Comes with hard case, converting to stand for further options
  • Aluminum frame for sturdy and easy portability
  • Weighs 46 lbs. all included

10’ Tension Fabric Display: Your Most Popular Choice

This is most popular display size due to the standard 10’ x 10’trade show booth. Choose this option to stand out amongst your peers in the seas of booths on the trade show floor. Tension Fabric or Stretch fabric Pop up Displays Booths is portable and easy to setup in a minutes, It’s a perfect for any events and Trade Shows.

  • Straight and curved options to suit your unique brand style
  • Your image is dye-sublimated on a durable fabric in full colour
  • Maximize your impact with installation in seconds
  • 119”(w) x 89”(h) in full display mode
  • Company carrying case included when disassembled
  • Aluminum frame for an extremely sturdy display
  • Weighs just 46 lbs. with standard soft carrying case

20’ Display: For Full Length Impact

This is the option you need to maximize the large display booth space. If you want to draw in the crowds and not spend hours doing it, choose the full-length stretch fabric display. Scroll to see what this option has in store for you.

  • Displays in straight and curved options
  • Also available in eye-catching serpentine design
  • Light-weight aluminum frame assembles in seconds
  • Pillowcase designed fabric pulls over frame and zips up to show full image
  • Convenient stored in carrying case, soft or hard shell
  • Size of 235.5”(w) x 14”(d) x 90”(h) when fully extended
  • Weighs just 89 lbs. all included
  • Includes LED lights for further eye-catching designs

Use this tool to draw in the crowds and pull in the clients you’re there to see. Stand out from among your competitors with a clean, expert look. Pick your product or contact us today to help us select the right tension fabric display for your booth. Don’t miss out on the perfect booth accessory and place your order right now.