Trade Show Displays: The Extra Touch of Class

You’ve selected your trade show pop up displays and signage; now complete the picture with these trade fair display commodities. As you wander through the aisles of your standard trade show, you’ll notice that most booths share some commonalities. They have the signage, they have the pop-up displays, they have the hanging signs and they are all similar. So what is it that makes other booths stand out so much against a sea of sameness? Why is their display so different when everyone seems to be doing the same thing? It’s all in the details. It’s the trade show booth that chooses the little additions like a banner stand that won’t necessarily jump out at you, but you walk away feeling more confident in them and more likely to hear what they’re saying.

That’s what Display Solution wants you to understand. By choosing some of these additional trade show displays, you’re choosing to add the finishing touches to a masterpiece of marketing. Your small choices will add up to a big impact in your customer’s mind. They might not notice the trade show flooring or the iPad stand in the corner, but they’ll walk away with a greater sense of confidence in what you do. They will be more likely to think of your banner stand or your pop up display the next time and consider what you say with more gravity than your competitors. Take some time to decide which of these display products could add that final touch to your event experience.

Trade Show Display Options

If you’re going to choose just one item to make a difference to your event, it’s going to be a very hard choice. Banner stands are always a solid choice. Hanging signs are a wonderful tool to have. There are so many options we have to up your game when it comes to a perfectly arranged trade show booth or event to go alongside your banner stand. Here are some the options you have to improve your area.

Counter Tables

  • This pop up counter gives you a flat space to use for promotional goods, writing space, display zones or added promotional materials.
  • You also have a hidden area for anything you need to store and keep out of the way.
  • The frame is constructed to accordion out to assemble and fold down flat for storage when not in use.
  • It’s the perfect way to add a touch of professionalism to your booth.

Promotional Counter Tables

  • This counter table is unique in that it not only provides you with a space to work and display your goods; it also gives you extra signage for those times when you need a bit of boost in the marketing department.
  • The counter folds flat again to store in a convenient carry case when not in use, and can be customer fitted with graphic image of your choosing.
  • The high resolution display will perfectly complement any other display materials you have put into place.

Table Covers and Throws

  • If you’re employing a table or desk to use a table top display, why should you demote your business with an ugly table beneath it? Dress up your space with your choice of table covers and throws.
  • You can choose the custom image blanket that gives you a further touch of class with your display, or simply colour code your area with a blank cover in your choice of colours.
  • This little touch goes a long way in the mind of your customers, so it’s worth every effort.

IPad Stand

  • If you’re employing some technology in your display area, you might need an iPad or tablet to allow your customers to interact with.
  • In order to make it easy, and to look that much more professional, get the dedicated iPad Stand.
  • Whether the desktop model or the full-length stand, the iPad stand allows your customers to interact in a new and exciting way while remaining distinct and elegant in your display solutions.

Brochure Floor Stands

  • If you have any sort of promotional material you need to offer your customers, don’t just lay them on any old flat surface.
  • By using a brochure floor stand, not only are you providing a neat and easy way to access your brochures and pamphlets, you’re giving yourself precious flat space that would otherwise be taken up with messy paperwork.
  • The brochure stands can be a range of pockets, so select the one that best matches the amount of material you have on offer.

Snap Frames

  • If you have a wall space that you’re planning on decorating with posters or promotional pictures, don’t simply slap up a picture with some tacks or pins.
  • That doesn’t present a stylish and elegant image to your customer. By using a snap frame, the aluminum frame gives you clean lines, sleek edges and, in some models, an LED light box to illuminate your images.
  • The snap frame is another added touch that will distinguish you from your trade show neighbors in your customer’s minds, well after they’ve left the trade show.

Trade Show Flooring

  • The only thing all trade shows have in common is the hard, polished-concrete that they’re mostly held in.
  • You might not think of it, but when your customers are walking through the area, their feet can get tired.
  • That’s why it’s such a nice touch when they come into a display booth that has a nice, padded trade show flooring mat.
  • It also serves to hide the ugly floor and create a warm and welcoming space when people enter your booth.
  • It’s inexpensive, often overlooked, but a powerful way to go the extra mile in your customer’s minds.

Brochure Holders

  • If you have a range of promotional materials in all sizes and shapes, you’re probably going to need a brochure holder.
  • Designed to give you back some precious floor space, this holder gives your customers an easy way to see what you offer at a simple glance.

Trade Show Displays: The Solution to All Situations

It can be tricky to continually come up with ways to further set yourself apart from all the other displays in your field. That’s’ why it’s not about being louder, brighter or taller; it’s usually about being smarter. Get these little additions and added touches into your trade show repertoire and you’ll see the perceptions in your customers minds shoot way up. By using these little touches, they will recognize the excellence in your trade booth and the authority you have in your given field. All our products are designed to further enhance your image, make your business stand out and be an extremely easy way to improve your trade show experience. That’s why we’re called Display Solutions, because have the solutions to Canada’s trade show problems. If you need to put together a complete trade show package, contact us today to discuss how the display products can finish the event in style. Click through now and find out which solution works best for you.