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The Curved Triangle Hanging Banner Frame captures an audience’s attention

A Curved Triangle Hanging Banner is best display to get noticed at trade shows and conventions. The Hanging Banner are manufactured from durable high-quality fabric and accessories which enable your trade show display to be found from virtually anywhere in the exhibit hall. Curved Triangle Hanging Banner that offers a little something different that allows for ample branding space on your best three sides of approach at busy trade show events. Add this smooth banner for visitors to easily locate your booth.

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Custom Printed Curved Triangle Hanging Banner

The Curved Triangle style Hanging Banner is an attractive design with excellent branding space covering three sides of exposure above your trade show booth. The smooth concave bend allows for improved message visibility. Use our suspended signage to highlight product zones or create focal points. Lightweight and easy to install, overhead signage is a smart solution for creating dramatic volume. Vibrant, saturated color is digitally printed onto fabric using state of the art Photo Fabric process. The base size is 12ft in diameter and 48 inches tall, with size upgrades available.